KwaraCare Sponsors and Selected Providers Engagement

Aug 15, 2023 | Events


On the 15th of August 2023, KwaraCare took a significant step towards enhancing affordable universal health care coverage through health insurance in Kwara State. In an engaging and insightful session with its sponsors and partners, the organization shared valuable tips and insights aimed at improving healthcare accessibility for all residents. This gathering also featured a comprehensive report from the Executive Secretary of KwaraCare, underlining their dedication to achieving this vital goal. Notably, the event concluded with heartfelt gratitude expressed towards the State Governor for his support and commitment to healthcare reform in Kwara State.


Addressing the Health Care Challenge

Kwara State, like many regions globally, has faced challenges in providing affordable and accessible healthcare services to its citizens. These challenges have created disparities in health outcomes, with many individuals and families unable to access the quality care they need. KwaraCare recognized these issues and has taken bold steps to address them head-on.


The Power of Collaboration

At the heart of KwaraCare’s mission lies the belief that collaboration is the key to success. The engagement session underscored this belief as sponsors, and partners from various sectors of the healthcare industry converged to exchange ideas and experiences. The diversity of perspectives and expertise in the room was a testament to the shared commitment to the welfare of Kwara State’s residents.


Sharing of Insights

The event featured insightful presentations and discussions that provided a holistic view of the challenges and opportunities in expanding health coverage through insurance. Delegates shared tips and best practices from their experiences, which will serve as a foundation for KwaraCare’s future endeavors. Among the key takeaways were:

  • Community Engagement: Delegates stressed the importance of engaging local communities to raise awareness about the benefits of health insurance. Building trust and educating residents about the advantages of having health coverage will be instrumental in increasing enrollment.
  • Affordability and Accessibility: It was acknowledged that making health insurance plans affordable and easily accessible to all income groups is vital. Innovative pricing models and convenient enrollment processes were discussed as potential solutions.
  • Quality Healthcare: The quality of healthcare services must be continuously improved to ensure that insured individuals receive the best possible care. This involves investments in healthcare infrastructure, workforce training, and the adoption of modern healthcare technologies.
  • Public-Private Partnerships: The role of the private sector in expanding health insurance coverage was emphasized. Collaborations with private insurers and healthcare providers can help bridge gaps in coverage and improve service delivery.


Report from the Executive Secretary

The highlight of the engagement session was the report presented by the Executive Secretary of KwaraCare. The report outlined the agency’s current initiatives, including efforts to streamline health insurance enrollment, enhance healthcare facilities, and expand the network of healthcare providers in the state. The Executive Secretary also expressed gratitude to the State Governor for his unwavering support in advancing healthcare access in Kwara State.


A Thankful Note to the State Governor

In recognition of the critical role played by the State Governor in championing the cause of affordable universal health coverage, the session concluded with a special note of thanks. The Governor’s commitment to the welfare of Kwara State’s residents has been instrumental in driving progress in the healthcare sector.



The engagement session organized by KwaraCare marked a pivotal moment in the quest for affordable universal health care coverage in Kwara State. The collaboration of sponsors, partners, and stakeholders has set the stage for a brighter future where healthcare is accessible and affordable for all. As KwaraCare continues to work tirelessly towards this goal, it is evident that a shared commitment to the well-being of the people of Kwara State will drive positive change and improve healthcare access for generations to come.