KwaraCare’s Digital Odyssey: Skills for the Future

Oct 30, 2023 | Events

The Kwara Health Insurance Agency’s commitment to enhancing digital literacy and technology proficiency came to fruition through a transformative five-day training program. The program, executed in collaboration with Kiddies Droid, has left an indelible mark on the agency’s staff, ushering in a new era of efficiency, collaboration, and innovation. This training program, spanning five days, delved into various facets of digital literacy and technology proficiency. It encompassed a broad spectrum of topics, including Windows OS fundamentals, data collection using Google Forms, collaborative workflows, project management, AI tools for office productivity, and OCR technology.


Objectives of the Training

  •  To provide the staff with hands-on expertise in utilizing digital tools and technology for office-related tasks.
  • To equip the staff with the proficiency to get tasks done quickly and with more precision.
  •  To foster a culture of teamwork and effective collaboration through project management and seamless communication among teams.
  •  To enable participants to practically apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to their daily work tasks, making the training immediately relevant and valuable.


Training Overview

  • Day 01: The training commenced with an emphasis on fundamental Windows OS concepts and basic document creation and formatting in Microsoft Word. Participants were introduced to Windows OS basics, file management, and navigation. The session then transitioned to Microsoft Word, revealing advanced features like page breaks, section breaks, and automated table of contents generation
  • Day 02: The training shifted to data collection with Google Forms and core data management concepts. Participants created a form for “Enrollee Subscription” and developed quizzes. They also learned about the importance of file naming conventions for organized data. Each day thereafter introduced new aspects of digital literacy and technology
  • Day 03: The participants were illuminated the world of collaborative workflow using Google Drive, including folder and file management and real-time collaborative document editing with Google Docs. It also offered an introduction to project management using Trello, an invaluable tool for team collaboration.
  • Day 04: This day was marked by the practical application of Trello for collaborative project management, allowing participants to create and manage projects in groups based on their departments. In addition, participants got to explore Project Management using Miro, a digital collaborative whiteboard platform. The practical session allowed participants to create and manage projects visually on a digital canvas, facilitating brainstorming, idea sharing, and collaborative planning. The day’s activities emphasized the newfound efficiency of project management workflows and concepts, thereby enhancing the team’s collaborative skills.
  • Day 05: The culmination of the training, unveiled the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools for office productivity, with a particular focus on ChatGPT. The participants were also exposed to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for converting scanned text into editable formats. They discovered how these AI tools could simplify tasks such as writing reports, letters, and proposals, thereby ultimately enhancing their productivity and saving time.


In summary, the Kwara Health Insurance Agency’s investment in digital literacy is proving to be a game-changer. The agency is poised to embrace the digital era with confidence, innovation, and productivity, thus advancing its mission and goals. The significance of this training program is profound, and its impact is transformative.

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