Fostering Collaboration for Universal Health Coverage: The State Social Health Insurance Agency Forum

Oct 31, 2023 | Events

In the pursuit of a grand mission to make quality healthcare accessible to every vulnerable individual across Nigeria, the Forum of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of State Social Health Insurance Agencies recently held its third quarterly meeting. The meeting served as a platform for key stakeholders in the healthcare sector to discuss strategies and challenges in achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Here’s a glimpse into the impactful discussions and initiatives that unfolded during this important gathering.


The Vision for a Mandatory Health Insurance System

The Chairman of the Forum emphasized the need to enforce the mandatory nature of health insurance across the states. However, recognizing that a significant portion of the population is economically disadvantaged and may struggle to pay insurance premiums, he stressed the importance of strategic engagement with all stakeholders. This inclusive approach is crucial in ensuring that health insurance schemes are accessible and embraced by the entire nation.


Challenges in Human Resource for Health

The Executive Secretary of Kwara Health Insurance Agency highlighted the challenges faced in the healthcare sector, particularly regarding human resources. The “Japa syndrome,” where health professionals seek opportunities abroad, and inadequate working conditions have become hurdles in delivering quality healthcare. Addressing these issues, particularly through improved working conditions and competitive pay, is vital in retaining and attracting healthcare professionals.


The National Medicine Supply Initiative

One of the critical agendas discussed was leveraging the National Medicine Supply Initiative of the National Health Insurance Authority. This initiative aims to streamline the distribution of medicines and medical supplies, ensuring better access to essential drugs.


Advocating for Drug Management Organization Status

The Forum wrote to the National Health Insurance Authority, requesting that all states be granted Drug Management Organization status. This would empower state health insurance agencies to have greater control over drug procurement, distribution, and quality assurance, ultimately improving the healthcare system.


Subnational Health Insurance Agencies: The Key to Universal Health Coverage

The core message of the meeting was clear: subnational health insurance agencies play a pivotal role in achieving Universal Health Coverage. By collaborating, sharing best practices, and working toward sustainable financing solutions, these agencies can pave the way for a healthier and more equitable future for all Nigerians.



The quarterly meeting of the Forum of State Health Insurance CEOs underscores the importance of collaboration and innovation in the journey towards Universal Health Coverage. By addressing the challenges, advocating for equitable drug management, and fostering peer-to-peer learning, the Forum is taking significant steps toward achieving a healthier Nigeria.

With unity and dedication, the path to affordable healthcare for all becomes clearer. KwaraCare, Alaafia…your key to affordable health.

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